Our Story

Rife Health was founded already in 1999 by Gerard (Gerrie) Smit with the aim to manufacture and distribute Rife resonators at affordable prices. Rife Health was the first company in South Africa to locally develop and market electronic devices that were based on the discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife. Since then the aim and purpose of Rife Health changed to make affordable, advance natural healing technology that includes ozone technology, available to everyone at the lowest price possible.

In 1999 an imported Rife-type resonator cost R18 000. In the year 2000 Rife Health launched the Rife Wave Generator built under license in South Africa at a price of only R7 000, making Rife technology much more affordable and available in South Africa (And internationally as the Wave resonator range is recognized as one of the best Rife-type frequency generators available on the market).

Gerard has traveled extensively to the USA, South Korea, the UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland to obtain the latest technology advances and research results regarding resonance (Rife) therapy.  Why buy from importers that have not invested in their product?

Gerard also travels all over South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana to visit clients and to present workshops and seminars.