Link to Wave 4 and 5 software for free download:

Step 1
Download the software as well as the Device Driver from the Internet:
This software only works on Windows operated computers and not on Apple Macs.
Click on the software (Yahd Programmer) icon to open software in window
Connect Wave device to computer and click on the “Connect” button.
When device is connected to the software (“Hand shake” has taken place) the device’s details will show on screen.
Upload a new treatment list to the software by clicking on the “Import List” button or upload the complete list available for Rife devices by clicking on “Complete list”.
If new list has been uploaded on software it will be displayed in the left column. The frequencies used in each treatment will be displayed in the column on the right.
To add one’s own treatment:
Click on the “Add” button. A window will open. Click on the “Create” button.
Give your treatment (My program) your own name. Fill in frequencies and duration. When completed click on “Create”.
When above tasks are completed transfer the updated Software List to the device by clicking on “To device” button. Look at device display screen. It should show with red letters on black back ground that it is downloading. After downloading to device click on “Disconnect” buttonĀ  and remove device connection from computer.