Link to Wave 4 and 5 software for free download:


  1. Installation of WAVE PULSE UNIT’s software interface:

Open the Software contents on the CD or download latest version from link on Internet.

  1. Install the CDM20828_Setup.exe from the DVD / USB drive.
  2. Install the FITUIInstaller_3_0 (2017 Wave version) from the DVD / USB drive. If this file is not on the CD install “FITInstaller_1_1” from the DVD / USB.
  3. Open the programme with the desktop icon that was created on the desktop.
  4. Connect the WAVE PULSE UNIT with the supplied cable.
  5. The program will recognise the WAVE PULSE UNIT and you’ll be able to use the programme.

Contact your supplier for the Internet Link to download “FITUIInstaller_3_0” if it is not on your Software CD.


  1. How to Upload Treatment List to your software data.


Your current Wave software has as a default all the possible treatments that one can apply in Rife therapy. The Treatment List however has a list of only the most effective treatments as well the Rife Health Broad-spectrum treatments. If you want to use this list rather in your Software Interface it will be the best to upload this file. Download it to the Desktop of your PC.

Double click on the “Load from File” button on your Software Interface:

Upload the “Wave Pulse Treatment List ” txt document.


  1. To add your own treatment.


Open the “Wave Pulse Treatment List” txt document.

Go to the end of the list and add your own treatment by first type a name for the treatment. Then press the TAB key on your keyboard. Type in your first frequency. It must be larger than 01 and less than 10 000.

Press TAB again to add another frequency.

Do this until the sequence of frequencies is captured. Save the file and upload the file to your Software Interface as explained previously under “How to Upload Treatment List to your software data”.


  1. Adding a treatment on the Software Interface.

If you have the 2017 Wave version of the software you can add your own treatment directly by opening the “Add button” and follow the prompts.

It will be wise to upload the “Wave Pulse Treatment List” List first as explained previously under “How to Upload Treatment List to your software data”.

After completing adding your own treatment you can connect your Wave Pulse unit to your PC and transfer the updated Treatment List that will include your own treatment to the unit by clicking on: “To Device”.