Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is frequency therapy?

It is a natural health modality based on the use of electronic frequencies to bring about improvements in a person’s health: elimination of bacterial, viral, mold and parasite infections in our bodies.

What is a frequency?

A frequency is a pulse or a vibration like a radio wave. A frequency is the amount of times that the electricity goes on and off in one second. In the 12 Frequency resonator we use 12 different frequencies, and we switch to a different frequency every three minutes. Each frequency resonates (switches on and off) at a specific speed. We move in a range between 10 times per second at the lowest, to 10 000 times per second at the highest frequency.

Please explain how your equipment works.

The frequencies are produced in an electronic device called a frequency resonator. The energy points in our fingers and toes are connected to electrodes, so that the therapy can be reach the whole body.highest frequency.

How can you claim to eliminate a bacterial infection in a person’s body by applying an electronic frequency to the body. Surely we need antibiotics?

Yes, but some doctors are aware that the information that they acquired at the university can no longer be regarded as cutting edge technology. There are many medical doctors who are already using frequency therapy to treat their patients. We need to congratulate them for that.equency.

Is it not dangerous to apply electricity to a person’s body?

Electricity can be dangerous if the intention is to electrocute or kill a person, just as plants can be used as medicines or poisons. Electricity can also be dangerous if it is a harmful frequency that is produced in an appliance like a cell-phone or a computer. The Wave Resonators only emit beneficial and healing frequencies in the audible frequency range that are completely safe.

Why does one need so many frequencies to eliminate bacteria and virus infections in a person’s body?

Every bacteria, virus, mould or parasite infection in our body resonates at a specific frequency. In order to eliminate them efficiently from a person’s body, we need to apply an external frequency to the person’s body. Such a frequency should resonate at a speed very close to the speed at which the infection in his or body resonates.

How exactly does the frequency bring about the elimination of a bacteria or virus infection?

Imagine a wine glass shattering when somebody sings. That is because the voice reaches the same frequency as the glass and it vibrates itself to pieces.

Are you telling me that bacteria and virus infections in our body explode into pieces with your therapy?

Exactly! When we come very close to the vibration of whatever bacterial or viral infection in our body. But even in cases when we apply a frequency that does not vibrate exactly at the same rate as the vibration of the infection, it still damages the infection sufficiently. Such an infection will after a while (plus minus two hours after the treatment), no longer be able to attach itself to any part of our body and being weakened, it will be expelled by the body.

Is it really necessary for us to use such a drastic therapy to ensure our good health?

Holistic Frequency Therapy is a very natural and highly efficient way of eliminating infections and cleaning the body of toxins. Our environment is no longer something that we can regard as natural because of all the toxins that we are getting exposed to on a daily basis. Frequency therapy could become the medicine of the future, as it is a very efficient way of cleaning our bodies. Simultaneously frequency therapy could also buy us some time to start working on our environment in the hope that it will eventually become reasonably free and clean of toxins.

Is frequency therapy toxic?

No, not at all! In fact it is very good at cleaning the system of toxins. A person who has already experienced this form of therapy will be able to give evidence as to how the toxins that accumulated over years in their bodies started leaving their bodies since they started the therapy.

People are dying daily from cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis. How could holistic frequency therapy and other natural healing modalities possibly help to improve their health?

Infectious diseases can only come and nest in our body if they can find food to eat: the toxins in our body. The health of people in this country would certainly improve by eliminating toxins, parasites, moulds, viruses and bacteria and by educating them on ways of preventing their return. If treatment could include oxygen therapy, colloidal silver, herbal remedies, adaptogens and food supplements, our future might start looking much brighter. Improved sanitation and hygiene, safe sexual conduct (no sex outside of marriage) can also help to prevent the spread of diseases. Toxic drugs and medicines that are very expensive are not the ideal way to treat great numbers of sick people or to keep them healthy. We need to look at an integrated approach for our sick people and the Frequency Generator can make a great contribution to community health as it is safe, cost effective and convenient. It has only beneficial effects.