Bodysonic MRA health scanner


A health analysing device consisting of a decoder (Main unit), headphones, and a scan cup that analyses the general health status of the subject by decoding brain waves. Read more below.


A health analysing device consisting of a decoder (Main unit), headphones and a scan cup. It needs to be connected to a Windows operated PC (Not included) to operate. It does not operate with an Apple Mac computer.

The BodySonic kit consists of a decoder device, headphones, and a cup to scan for allergies.

Connected to PC with a Windows operating system that has the special Bodysonic software installed it becomes a complete health analysing system that scans the whole body within 40 minutes for health anomalies. It will indicate which pathogens the body is infected with, any ailments present, and any lurking health problems as well as which food, minerals, and vitamins the body needs to deal with these identified health problems. With this knowledge on hand, you can either approach your medical practitioner for health advice or apply the suggestions provided by the

This device is only imported on special order and may take up to two weeks to deliver. This item will only be sold to customers that have basic computing skills. Training to run the software and to interpret the results is included in the price but it does not include training to operate a computer.


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