Wave Beamer Healthpad


(Extra accessory to the Wave5 resonator)

Although the Wave 5 Pro resonator comes with hand electrodes some may want an extra treatment while sleeping or doing something else while not holding the hand electrodes. This is where the Beamer Healthpad as an accessory comes to play.  The Beamer Healthpad connects to the Wave5 for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.
Ideally suited for animals and children that can not hold the electrodes or for people that need extra treatments while sleeping or doing something else.

It is covered with waterproof vinyl on the one side and durable cloth on the other side. The Beamer Healthpad can also be used with the Wave4. (On the “repeat’ setting).

The Beamer Healthpad is included in the WavePlus package.


Wave Beamer Healthpad (Rife Health Frequency Mat)


The Wave Beamer Healthpad is an electromagnetic mat and an accessory to the Rife Health Wave Resonator range to create radiant energy. Connected to a Wave Resonator (All models) it is ideally suited to treat children and animals or adults that need extra treatments while sleeping. It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 30 cm around the mat.





It generates a healing electromagnetic field  (PEMF/Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) to treat the following:

  • To reduce pain and inflammation
  • To improve energy/circulation, blood/tissue oxygenation
  • To regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as the uptake of nutrients
  • To increase cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells
  • To accelerate the repair of bone and soft tissue
  • To relax muscles


The original Antenna Healthpad has already been developed in 2003: Originally to use under a horse saddle to treat horses for equine diseases. It was however found by farmers that the mat in conjunction with a frequency generator is also effective against moulds in silos. The Beamer Healthpad is a more compact version of the Antenna Healthpad.

The BEAMER Healthpad has electronic coil circuit boards inside and although the new BEAMER healthpad is smaller than the Antenna Rife Healthpad it radiates a much stronger magnetic field connected to the Wave5 Pro Rife Resonator.


It can effectively be used with the “Repeat” function on the Wave resonators to get extra treatments while sleeping or traveling. On the Wave5 one only set it to the “Coil” mode to run the Beamer Healthpad only once. On the other Wave Resonator models use the repeat function when connecting the Healthpad for treatments.


Please note that the Wave5 resonator only uses the Beamer Healthpad and not the Antenna Healthpad. (Other Wave resonator models can use either the Antenna Healthpad or the Beamer Healthpad). The Antenna version has a larger radiant vortex reach (About 1 meter) while the Beamer version, although emitting a stronger energy field, only reaches about 30 cm from the mat. The Antenna Mat has a stringed antenna cable inside while the Beamer Mat has electronic circuit boards with an embedded coil in each of them.


Please note the Beamer Healthpad does need a resonator to operate.  A resonator is not included in the Beamer Healthpad’s price.


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