The Sleep Eezy Eco Mosquito Trap and Night Lamp. SPECIAL: Free delivery to any street address in South Africa.


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The eco-friendly mosquito trap and night lamp with sleep-inducing soft sound

No chemicals

Mosquitos are sucked into a trap.

Low fluorescent light act also as night lamp.

No more bite itchings.


Mosquitos are a serious health hazard. Not only can they transfer the malaria parasite but their bite can lead to serious skin itching, especially on babies and small children. Other night-time insects such as moths can also be hazardous to small children as these insects can crawl into their mouths. This eco-friendly device kills off mosquitos and other night-time insects without emitting any toxic substances. The Eco Mosquito trap lures night-time flying insects with a low fluorescent light to the trap. When they are close to the Sleep Eezy its fan draws the insects into an easily removable bowl where the fan dehydrates the captured insects so that they perish without any toxins being released in the air in this process.  The Sleep Eezy is a complete poison and chemical-free system.

The mini electrical fan can hardly be heard as it is set to run at a barely audible 7,8 Hz with has been proven to be a relaxing and sleep-inducing frequency.

The low purplish light of the fluorescent lamp not only lure flying insects into the trap, but this specific colour has been scientifically selected as it does not disturb deep sleep. The Sleep Eezy also acts as the perfect night lamp.

The light of the Sleep Eezy is kind to the eyes. When waking up in the night with the Sleep Eezy one will be able to immediately take note of your surroundings without being blinded by a sharp light. It is noted that intruders are also cautious of houses being lit even if it is by the low illumination of the Sleep Eezy. It is also easier to check on your child without using the harsh light of a flashlight or a bed lamp. The Sleep Eezy will dimly light your child’s room with the warm comforting safe fluorescent lamp.

The Sleep Eezy’s lamp and electrical fan are powered by a completely safe 5-volt electronic system. No concerns about toddlers getting electrical shocks when there are no grown-ups nearby. The Sleep Eezy can be connected to any 5 volt USB port socket of a computer or a smartphone charger to operate.

The Sleep Eezy Eco Mosquito Trap is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It is people and animal-friendly substance and has high tensile strength and is therefore resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion, which allows the Sleep Eezy to withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions. Completely toddler safe, and made to last. The Sleep Eezy offers good sleep without the disturbance of mosquito and other night-time flying insects. A small investment for a mosquito-free environment.