The WavePlus


It has all the effective Rife treatments (800+) already loaded on the device to address the most common ailments and health problems: No need to add anything as it is already there but if however, the need arises to add your own range of frequencies you can do that by just connecting it with the supplied connecting cord to a computer and use the easy software to edit treatments.

All the Wave Resonators carry the necessary internationally certified quality and specification marks:

EN 60601-1-2:2001 (Safety requirements for medical electrical systems)

EN 55011 (Scientific and Medical Radio-Frequency Equipment)

EN 61000-4-2 (Electrostatic Discharge)

EN 61000-4-3 (Electromagnetic field immunity test)

EN 61000-4-8 (Power Frequency Magnetic Fields)

They have passed all its relevant tests and therefore comply with type BF safety requirements. They do not interfere with other electronic equipment.

The Wave Resonators are safe for human and animal use.


One gets the full kit to use the Wave4 Resonator immediately: Instruction sheet, manual on resonance therapy, charging cable, 5-volt charger (That can be replaced internationally with a local 5-volt charger), cables to connect hand electrodes, and the Beamer Healthpad)

Effective, powerful, compact, lightweight, easy to operate, touch screen, most advanced technology now.

Battery supported but can also be operated directly from mains.




The WavePlus is a resonator that is connected to the Beamer Healthpad. The WavePlus package consists of the device with the Beamer Healthpad included in the price. Please note that the WavePlus resonator can not be used with other electrodes but the Beamer Healthpad. The WavePlus system is the ideal way to treat small children, pets, and grown-ups that do not have time to sit for a while holding hand electrodes. The WavePlus has also a repeat function and “sets” (Groupings) of treatments that can be activated while sleeping on the Beamer Healthpad. This means one can have a whole spectrum of treatments while resting. Read more on the use of resonators at this LINK.

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